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Archives 2010/2011

24 août 2011
Artiste Album Titre Label
XEBECCalm Before The StormSpirit Of The CityCrossroad Productions
CROSSROADSSouthern StrutterSowin' Our Wild OatesCrossroad Productions
JEFFRIES GaryMiddle Class ManFlowers On My GraveGatorjaw
ALMOST FAMOUSPromised LandSlow Ride
MOLLY HATCHETGreatest Hits IIThe JourneySPV
ROOSTERS BAND (The)Open RoadStandin' With My Brothers
DOC HOLLIDAYFrom The VaultAll The Rights MovesPhoenix
COWBOYReunion 2010River To The SeaHittin' The Note
WINDFIELDS (The)The WindfieldsWhat A Man`s Got To Do
SWEET PAINWhat A SoundLay Me Down
ALIASContrabandHolidayCrossroad Productions
ATLANTA RHYTHM SECTIONTruth In A Structured FormHow Much Love Is EnoughImagine
10 août 2011
Artiste Album Titre Label
ALMOST FAMOUSPromised LandBallad Of Johnny
JEFFRIES GaryMiddle Class ManBlood On The HighwayGatorjaw
DOC HOLLIDAYFrom The VaultLast RidePhoenix
ATLANTA RHYTHM SECTIONWith All Due RespectHey NineteenFuel 2000
GIBSONS (The)Southern Rock RevivalPerilous Times
SWEET PAINWhat A SoundBiker Babe
SOUTHERN EXPERIENCE BAND (The)BeginningsThe Heart Of His People
ROOSTERS BAND (The)CockedI Like Me
DEEP SOUTHLiveSpookyImpulse Management
POTLIQUORPotliquorHey MamaCapitol/O-Music
DANIELS BAND CharlieFull MoonIn AmericaEpic
POINT BLANKThe Hard WayThe Hard WayMCA
ALLMAN GreggJust Before The Bullets FlyDemonsEpic
27 juillet 2011
Artiste Album Titre Label
COWBOYReunion 2010Use Your SituationHittin' The Note
ALMOST FAMOUSPromised LandBelfast Blues
SWEET PAINWhat A SoundWhat A Sound
JEFFRIES GaryMiddle Class ManSouthern PrideGatorjaw
GIBSONS (The)Shine The LightUnto You
DOC HOLLIDAYFrom The VaultGood Time MusicPhoenix
MORRISON BAND SamDig It Or Don'tYou BetConvalian Productions
ROOSTERS BAND (The)CockedBar Room Zombies
MACKS CREEK BAND (The)The Macks Creek BandEl Danzanté (The Dancer)MCB
ALLGOODKickin & ScreaminBloodA&M
BRAMBLEBrambleI'll Take My Chances
ATLANTA RHYTHM SECTION3rd Annual Pipe DreamThe War Is OverPplydor/Gott Discs
MARSHALL TUCKER BANDRunning Like The WindLast Of The Singing CowboysCapricorn/WB
13 juillet 2011
Artiste Album Titre Label
JEFFRIES GaryMiddle Class ManFree My SoulGatorjaw
SWEET PAINWhat A SoundWhat To Do
DOC HOLLIDAYFrom The VaultDon't Go TalkingPhoenix
MARQUILLY ChristopheCocaïne / SuzySuzy
GERY GIRLS (The) Don't Be A Weedee
CATAWOMPUSThe Slam Bam JamBack In The Swing Of Things
STREET SURVIVORSSouthern Rock Will Never DieRestless Heart
ALMOST FAMOUSPromised LandHometown Heartbeat
ATLANTA RHYTHM SECTIONWith All Due RespectImaginary LoverFuel 2000
GIBSONS (The)Southern Rock RevivalFace In The Wind
COWBOYReunion 2010Please Be With MeHittin' The Note
MORRISON BAND SamDig It Or Don'tCelebrateConvalian Productions
WHISKEY PROPHETS (The)Regrets, Rehab & RefillEden
DEEP SOUTHLiveDixie RockImpulse Management
29 juin 2011
Artiste Album Titre Label
ALMOST FAMOUSPromised LandBarefoot Southern Cowboys
DOC HOLLIDAYFrom The VaultDrowning In The Sea Of LovePhoenix
JEFFRIES GaryMiddle Class ManHeaven Winds BlowGatorjaw
COWBOYReunion 2010Patch & Pain KillerHittin' The Note
ATLANTA RHYTHM SECTIONWith All Due RespectI'm Not Gonna Let It Bother Me TonightFuel 2000
MORRISON BAND SamDig It Or Don'tSay Your PrayersConvalian Productions
TEDESCHI TRUCKS BANDRevelatorLearn How To LoveSony Music
DIAMONDBACKJerry Martin Gibson With DiamondbackMama's Gun
GIBSONS (The)Southern Rock RevivalRich Man
GATES ChrisWelcome To GatesvilleSouthern ManAnodyne Music
WHISKEY PROPHETS (The)Regrets, Rehab & RefillHigh Expectations
MISSOURIRevisitedSo Far AwayVaults Of Karma
ALLMAN GreggJust Before The Bullets FlyBefore The Bullets FlyEpic
POINT BLANKSecond SeasonBeautiful LoserArista/High Vaultage
15 juin 2011
Artiste Album Titre Label
MORRISON BAND SamDig It Or Don'tPeacekeepersConvalian Prouctions
JEFFRIES GaryMiddle Class ManMississippi GirlGatorjaw
GIBSONS (The)Southern Rock RevivalThe Cure
COWBOYReunion 2010Time Will Take UsHittin' The Note
WHISKEY PROPHETS (The)Regrets, Rehab & RefillHold Off
ATLANTA RHYTHM SECTIONWith All Due RespectSpookyFuel 2000
ALLMAN BROTHERS BANDLive In Germany 1991Ramblin' ManImmortal
GATES ChrisWelcome To GatesvilleCame See About MeAnodyne Music
GRAY DougSoul Of The SouthMore Today Than YesterdayRamblin'
MARSHALL TUCKER BANDSearchin' For A RainbowVirginiaCapricorn/Shout! Factory
LYNYRD SKYNYRD1991End Of The RoadAtlantic
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Artiste Album Titre Label
GATES ChrisWelcome To GatesvilleSimple ManAnodyne Music
JEFFRIES GaryMiddle Class ManMississippi Girl
COWBOYReunion 2010Takin' It All The WayHittin' The Note
ALLMAN BROTHERS BANDLive In Germany 1991Gambler's RollImmortal
GRAY DougSoul Of The SouthSandmanRamblin'
MAD JACKOn The RunHold On
BOUNTY HUNTEROn The HuntKeep On Ridin'
COLLINS BAND AllenHere, There & BackOne Known SoldierMCA
GHOST RIDERSFortune TellerBallad Of The Ghost RiderMira Vista
KUDZU BANDKudzu BandChitlin CircuitDevine
18 mai 2011
Artiste Album Titre Label
JEFFRIES GaryMiddle Class ManFree
SEA LEVELSea LevelRain In SpainCapricorn
POINT BLANKAmerican ExcessRestlessMCA/Renaissance
DIESEL DUSTSecond LifeTime Of DyingBrennus
DOC HOLLIDAYRides AgainLonesome GuitarA&M
HOGTOWN PACKING CO. (The)Hogtown Packing Co.Helpless
EAT A PEACHBound To ShineTracing Linda
ALLGOODUncommon GoalDown Here Where I LiveA&M
BUFFALO BOGANGritz Stoneground & Southern Vol.4Good Ol Boys Ain't All Bad
38 SPECIALTour De ForceOne Of The Lonely OnesA&M
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Artiste Album Titre Label
STILLWATERI Reserve The Right!Keeping Myself AliveCapricorn
SEA LEVELLong Walk On A Short PierTwenty Miles From NowhereCapricorn
GEORGIA SATELLITESIn The Land Of Salvation & SinBring Down The HammerElektra
GRAY DougUnder the GunGrapevine BettyRound Bottom
ZELKOWITZ GoldieGoldie ZelkowitzWhipping PostJanus
LYNYRD SKYNYRDStreet SurvivorsI Never DreamedMCA
DUDEK LesSay No MoreOld Judge JonesColumbia
BETTS Dickey& Great SouthernRun Gypsy RunArista
GRINDERSWITCHRedwingRedwingAtco/Crossroad Productions
MOLLY HATCHETMolly HatchetThe Price You PayEpic
BLACKFOOTNo ReservationsI Stand AloneAntilles/Sir Percival
BLACK OAK ARKANSASRace With The DevilRace With The DevilCapricorn
DANIELS BAND CharlieMidnight WindMidnight WindEpic
20 avril 2011
Artiste Album Titre Label
38 SPECIALRockin' Into The NightTake Me Through The NightA&M
PEARSON JackDo What's RightDo What's RightCandefly
NEEL JohnnyAnd The Last WordJust My StyleDixiefrog
POINT BLANKThe Hard WayThank You MamaMCA
DOC HOLLIDAYRides AgainDon't Stop Loving MeA&M
BISHOP ElvinRaisin' HellStealin' WatermelonsCapricorn
OUTLAWSSoldiers Of FortuneThe OutlawPasha
GALLOWAY & KELLIHEROutlaws & RenegadesWillie
JOHNNY LAWJohnny LawLittle ThingsMetal Blade
JUDGE PARKERSound MedicineLove To BurnCourt
MARSHALL TUCKER BANDLong Hard RideWalkin' The Streets AloneCapricorn
VAN ZANT BAND JohnnyNo More Dirty DealsNo More Dirty DealsPolydor
6 avril 2011
Artiste Album Titre Label
ECLIPSEEclipseRockin' FoolLocust Groove/Crossroad Productions
HYDRALand Of MoneyLand Of MoneyCapricorn
ATLANTA RHYTHM SECTIONAre You Ready!So Into YouPolydor
WET WILLIEWet WillieBeggar SongCapricorn/Atlantic
MEDICINE BLUFFMedicine BluffTwo Hundred Miles8th Street
PITTMAN BAND RayGetcha SomeStay Away From The WandererMega Sounds
COPPERHEADCopperheadWhere Will I BeMercury
BROWN Danny Joe& The Danny Joe Brown BandThe AlamoEpic
TRUCKERSCross RoadEasy LifeTruckers
ALLMAN BROTHERS BANDEnlightened RoguesJust Ain't EasyCapricorn
STILLWATERRunnin' FreeMake It Or Break ItWaterfall
POINT BLANKAirplayPenthouse PauperMCA
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Artiste Album Titre Label
ROSSINGTON COLLINS BANDAnytime, Anyplace, AnywhereMisery Loves CompanyMCA/BGO
MEDICINE BLUFFMedicine BluffOutlaw8th Street
MUDFLAP JUNKIESWhite Trash U.S.A.Fool In The Bedroom
JACKSON HIGHWAYGritz Stoneground & Southern Vol.4Good Ol Boys Ain't All Bad
CELL (The)Are You ReadyBurnin' Like A FireStreet
LOUISIANA'S LE ROUXLouisiana's Le RouxBacksliderCapitol
REBEL STORMStormin' SouthBad Girl
REDDOGBroken DreamsThe Cry Of The LonelySurvival
TWO GUNSBalls OutHard TimesCapricorn/Crossroad Productions
OUTLAWSDemosHidin' Out In Tennessee
BROTHERS OF THE SOUTHLANDBlue SunriseBrothers Of The SouthlandZoho
MOLLY HATCHETLightning Strikes TwiceI Can't Be Watching YouCapitol
9 mars 2011
Artiste Album Titre Label
POTLIQUORPotliquorBoy Oh BoyCapitol/O-Music
MEDICINE BLUFFMedicine BluffIt Is What It Is8th Street
SWEETKISS MOMMARevival RockMercy Love
MUDFLAP JUNKIESWhite Trash U.S.A.7 Maitais
CALDWELL ToyToy CaldwellThis Ol' CowboyCabin Fever
HATCHER BAND GeorgeDry RunGood FriendUA
CATAWOMPUS... Well, It's About Time!The HillHalycon Music
LYNYRD SKYNYRDGimme Back My BulletsCry For The Bad ManMCA
GRINDERSWITCHHonest To GoodnessPeach County JamboreeCapricorn/One Way
HYDRAHydraIt's So HardCapricorn
RED ROCK ROOSTERSAltitude Is EverythingCircuit RiderNEH
TATMAN CharlieFree & EasyRedneck Son Of The SouthCMG
ALLMAN BROTHERS BANDHittin' The NoteOld Before My TimeSanctuary
23 février 2011
Artiste Album Titre Label
STILLWATERStillwaterSam's JamCapricorn
MEDICINE BLUFFMedicine BluffMake Sure8th Street
MUDFLAP JUNKIESWhite Trash U.S.A.Every Mother's Son
SWEETKISS MOMMARevival RockGood God Woman
GRAY DougUnder the GunWhiskey In Your Country And Reffer In Rock & RollRound Bottom
BRAMBLEBrambleHonky Tonk Dive
MARSHALL TUCKER BANDRunning Like The WindMelody AnnWB
PLUG & PLAYFred At The DrugstoreNo Chorus
VAN ZANT BAND JohnnyNo More Dirty DealsNever Too LatePolydor
MOSE JONESMose Knows!Stood UpMCA
LYNYRD SKYNYRDSouthern By The Grace Of GodComin' HomeMCA
9 février 2011
Artiste Album Titre Label
DOC HOLLIDAYRides AgainLast RideA&M
BLACKFOOTStrikesHighway SongAtco
POINT BLANKSecond SeasonPart Time LoverArista/High Vaultage
FLATMANHell-Bent On GloryHorse In FlamesHalycon Music
HOGJAWDevil In The DetailsThe Fog
MAD JACKDown The RoadRunnin' With The NightRough Cut
CAPRICORN RHYTHM SECTIONAlive At 2nd Street Music HallTime Will Take UsRockin' Camel
HOMERGrown In U.S.A.Circles In The NorthUniversal Recording Artists
SWEETKISS MOMMARevival RockReady To Go
DIESEL DUSTSecond LifeToo Long TimeBrennus
ATLANTA RHYTHM SECTIONThe Boys From DoravillePedestalPolydor/BGO
MISSOURIWelcome TwoSo Far AwayPolydor
26 janvier 2011
Artiste Album Titre Label
DANIELS BAND CharlieNightriderBirmingham BluesEpic
CRAIN TomGive It To Ya'Sanctified SinnerChattahoochee
ALLMAN GreggLow Country BluesChecking On My BabyRounder
DIESEL DUSTSecond LifeUp To Your HeartBrennus
TUCKER YOUNGSure Know How To LiveNever Felt Like This BeforeMontagne
TENNESSEE RIVER CROOKSTennessee River CrooksWe Are All Brothers
MAD JACKStraight UpHangin' TreeFast Guns
STILLWATERStillwaterOut On A LimbCapricorn
LYNYRD SKYNYRDGimme Back My BulletsI Got The Same Old BluesMCA
BLACKFOOTNo ReservationsNo Another MakerAntilles/Sir Percival
BISHOP ElvinLet It FlowSunshine SpecialCapricorn
ATLANTA RHYTHM SECTIONThird Annual Pipe DreamJesus Hearted PeoplePolydor/Gott Discs
38 SPECIALTour De ForceTwentieth Century FoxA&M
12 janvier 2011
Artiste Album Titre Label
ALLMAN GreggLow Country BluesBlind ManRounder
DOKE BROTHERS BAND (The)Doke Brothers BandHeart In TwoPolecat Creek
BUSTER COUSINSGritz Stoneground & Southern Vol.4Jacksonville
DIESEL DUSTSecond LifeLilyBrennus
RAY BAND DonLonesome RiderThe TriggerMargdon
CRAIN BillySkeletons In The ClosetDaisy ChainSlidebilly
LOUISIANA'S LE ROUXLouisiana's Le RouxNew Orleans LadiesCapitol
MAMA'S PRIDEUptown & LowdownCan I Call You A CabAtlantic/Wounded Bird
MOLLY HATCHETFlirtin' With DisasterBoogie No MoreEpic
PAUL BAND HenryAnytimeOuta My MindAtlantic/Wounded Bird
OUTLAWSHurry SundownHearin' My Heart Talkin'Arista/Collector's Pipeline
SEA LEVELMake You Feel Love Again (Single)Make You Feel Love AgainArista
WINTERS BROTHERS BANDCoast 2 CoastCall It OffSouthStar
29 décembre 2010
Artiste Album Titre Label
POTLIQUORPotliquorMr. PresidentCapitol
DIESEL DUSTSecond LifeTime Of DyingBrennus
CRAIN BillySkeletons In The ClosetRunning With The RebelsSlidebilly
RAY BAND DonLonesome RiderLonesome RiderMargdon
MELONHEADMANAlbum 2011 à venir/2011 album to comeThis Life
JOLLY BROTHERS BAND (The)Typical Bar-Room SceneEversince I Had 'Dem Blues I Had 'Dem BluesThird Planet
LYNYRD SKYNYRDThe Last RebelBorn To RunAtlantic
REGULATORSRegulatorsGood To GoPolydor
DOC HOLLIDAYRides AgainSouthern ManA&M
POINT BLANKThe Hard WayTurning BackMCA
15 décembre 2010
Artiste Album Titre Label
CATAWOMPUS... Well, It's About Time!Song Sung YesterdayHalycon Music
RAY BAND DonLonesome RiderGone NowhereMargdon
CRAIN BillySkeletons In The ClosetQuick SilverSlidebilly
PAUL BAND HenryGrey GhostGrey GhostAtlantic/Wounded Bird
BUTTROCKERS (The)Cocoa Beach, Fla, Summertime, 1981Catch Me If You CanThirsty Turtle
FIESTER DaveJammin' LiveSqueeze Me
OUTLAWSDemosLast Ghost Town
DANIELS BAND CharlieSaddle TrampWichita JailEpic
CALIBRE 12À l'ouest rien de nouveauNe Lui Claque pas La Porte
TRUCKERSWonder Of SpiritTV Channel
VAN ZANT BAND JohnnyVan ZantLonely GirlsGeffen
BLACK OAK ARKANSASStreet PartyDixieAtco/Wounded Bird
1er décembre 2010
Artiste Album Titre Label
CRAIN BillySkeletons In The ClosetMuddy WatersSlidebilly
HELLSINGLAND UNDERGROUNDMadness & GraceShuffle Day To DayKilled By
ADAMS Jay BoyFork In The RoadSpotlights And LimousinesAtlantic
BAYWOODLive At The Palomino '81Take Me Down
TUCKER YOUNGSure Know How To LiveGun TownMontagne
ATLANTA RHYTHM SECTIONRed TapeAnother Man's WomanPolydor/BGO
BLACKFOOTTomcattin'In The NightAtco
DIZZY GORDONLong Time Comin'Burnin' CoolBlacktop 301
DOC HOLLIDAYGood Time MusicBlack CatWorld Beat
ERIC QUINCY TATEDrinking Man's FriendBrown SugarCapricorn
MARSHALL TUCKER BANDSouthern SpiritAnd The HillsSisapa
17 novembre 2010
Artiste Album Titre Label
HELLSINGLAND UNDERGROUNDMadness & GraceThe Spark That Never DiesKilled By
COERVER TomWood, Wire, Vibes... & SlideGonna Live With It
MOSE JONESLive At Richard's - Atlanta, 1974Would BeBig Coffee
REBEL PRIDERock Stars & CowboysFlirty Flirty
HICKS ChrisLive & KickinIt All Comes Back AroundHitman
OUTLAWSPlayin' To WinDirty CityArista
RAETZLOFF Ed It Took A Long Time To Get To YouFound Someone To Love MeNewPax
WHIPPING POSTNorvegian Wood festival, 11/06/2000JessicaGlitterhouse
VAN ZANT BAND JohnnyRound TwoYesterday's GonePolydor
TWO GUNSBalls OutJudgement PleaCapricorn/Crossroad Prouctions
TRUCKERSLeave Me AloneNew OrleansTruckers
HYDRALand Of MoneyTake Me For My MusicCapricorn
3 novembre 2010
Artiste Album Titre Label
POINT BLANKSecond SeasonStars And ScarsArista/High Vaultage
MOSE JONESLive At Richard's - Atlanta, 1974Mose KnowsBig Coffee
COERVER TomWood, Wire, Vibes... & SlideMidnight Rider
BETTS DickeyRockpalastGood Time FeelingSPV
HELLSINGLAND UNDERGROUNDMadness & GraceForever DamnedKilled By
VISIONMountain In The SkyOld ManBorn Twice
LAKOTALakotaOrdinary Guy
McMEANS John PorterVigilante ManI'm AlrightSubliminal
McNEELY RudyStars & BarsGet Ya MovinConfederate Sounds Of America
ATLANTA RHYTHM SECTIONDog DaysSilent TreatmentPolydor/BGO
DOC HOLLIDAYDanger ZoneRun To MeMetal Masters/Halycon Music
WINTERS BROTHERS BANDSouthern RockersCountry Boy Rock & RollSouthStar
20 octobre 2010
Artiste Album Titre Label
MOSE JONESLive At Richard's - Atlanta, 1974Barroom SweeperBig Coffee
COERVER TomWood, Wire, Vibes... & SlideGotta Get You By My Side
PRINE GROUP Jeff (The)CurrentsWho Died And Left You Boss?
FIRE WATERS DOWNFire Waters DownCravin'
ALBATROSSRockin' The SkyBoth Sides NowDominion
BETTS DickeyRockpalastRun Gypsy RunSPV
POINT BLANKThe Hard WayHighway StarMCA
38 SPECIALSpecial ForcesTake 'em OutA&M
ROSSINGTON BANDReturned To The Scene Of The CrimeDangerous LoveAtlantic
BLACKFOOTTomcattin'On The RunAtco
WET WILLIEHigh HumidityLeonaFuel 2000
6 octobre 2010
Artiste Album Titre Label
MOSE JONESLive At Richard's - Atlanta, 1974HomeBig Coffee
O'NEILL JimmyPopular CarCity MusicArtist Music
OUTLAWSDemosLast Ghost Town
COERVER TomWood, Wire, Vibes... & SlideChevrolet - Chevrolet Medley
PRINE GROUP Jeff (The)CurrentsNext Stop Fulton Street
BETTS DickeyRockpalastDealin' With The DevilSPV
KENDAL STASHThe Best Of Kendal StashWhen Love Is On The Line
ATLANTA RHYTHM SECTIONChampagne JamI'm Not Gonna Let It Bother Me TonightPolydor
DOC HOLLIDAYA Better RoadLonesome GuitarHalycon Music
GLADSTONELookin' For A SmileDixie WomanABC
MOLLY HATCHETMolly HatchetGator CountryEpic
22 septembre 2010
Artiste Album Titre Label
MOSE JONESLive At Richard's - Atlanta, 1974Julia's Beautiful FriendBig Coffee
OUTLAWSDemosTomorrow's Another Night
MELONHEADMANThe Good & The BadRolling HomeSavageActs
VISIONMountain In The SkySoldier's SongBorn Twice
LYNYRD SKYNYRDPronounced Leh-Nerd Skin-NerdFree BirdMCA
BETTS DickeyRockpalastRamblin' ManSPV
PRINE GROUP Jeff (The)CurrentsCan't Make It Any More
BENT CREEK BANDTreading High WaterGit Down Country MusicLittle Beast
LAKOTALakotaSometimes Mother'sJSR
KUDZU BANDKudzu BandWordsDevine
BLACKFOOTAfter The ReignSittin' On Top Of The WorldWildcat
8 septembre 2010
Artiste Album Titre Label
OUTLAWSDemosIt's About Pride
MELONHEADMANThe Good & The BadFirewater JesusSavageActs
PRINE GROUP Jeff (The)CurrentsWoke Up This Morning
LYNYRD SKYNYRDLive From Freedom HallCall Me The BreezeRoadrunner
CATAWOMPUSIt's Spelled C.A.T.A.W.O.M.P.U.S.Forgive It AllHalycon Music
WET WILLIEDixie RockMama Didn't Raise No FoolsCapricorn/Gott Discs
J.J. MUGGLER BANDHard Luck TownHard Luck Town
SOUTHERN CROSS BANDLady Killer / OutlawOutlaw
PEACE & QUIETPeace & QuietCountry ThingGreen Tree
MOLLY HATCHETMolly HatchetBounty HunterEpic
CARSWELL NeilGood Man's JourneyGood Man's JourneyEast Winds
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